How to Secure Your Windows

A good number of burglars get into homes through windows. Therefore, securing your windows is an important part of upgrading your home’s security.

Let’s look at some of the ways to secure your windows.

Lock Your Windows

The first line of defense against unauthorized entry is keeping your windows locked. Household burglary statistics show that nearly 37.8% of break-ins do not involve forcible entry, but rather unlocked doors and windows. Too often, homeowners open windows to let in fresh air and then forget to lock them.

Install Good-Quality Window Locks

Although windows come with a locking mechanism, you should have a competent locksmith like YH Locksmith to inspect the locks to determine if they are good enough to prevent unauthorized entry. You should never assume that the default locks your windows came with are foolproof.

The goal of secure window locks is to make it difficult for burglars to bypass, leaving them with the option to break the glass, something which most burglars don’t want to do because forcible entry will get them noticed.

To make your windows more secure, have a nearby locksmith replace old or broken locks

Typically, hinged wedge locks are best suited for double-hung windows, while pin locks work well on sliding windows.

An experienced locksmith will consider how your windows open and install secure locks that will help you keep burglars at bay.

Install Security Film to Protect Window Glass from Breaking

While a window alarm can scare some burglars away, a determined burglar may proceed to break the glass. A good way to protect the glass is to reinforce it with a good-quality window security film, which makes the glass harder to break. Although it won’t make your windows completely unbreakable, a window security film can delay burglars long enough for someone to spot them.

Consider Window Alarms

Window alarms are designed to trigger an alarm if the windows are opened unexpectedly and can be very useful on ground-floor windows as these are more vulnerable to break-ins. Home intruders hate noises, so an alarm is more likely to send them running. Window alarms can be installed as freestanding units or they can be tied to your home’s security system.

Install Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights are designed to react to movement. In other words, these lights will automatically turn on when they sense movement. This makes them an effective tool in keeping burglars at bay.

Burglars prefer darkness so they can carry out their business without being noticed. Therefore, outdoor motion sensor lights can be a strong deterrent against home intruders. If a motion sensor light shines a light on a home intruder as they try to access your windows, they’re more likely to flee.

It’s advisable that you have your outdoor motion sensor lights installed at least 10 feet high, where burglars cannot easily reach them.

Contact Smart Locksmith for All of Your Lock and Key Needs

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