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Top Reasons to Replace Door Locks

With so many daily concerns, the last thing you need to be concerned about is whether your home’s security is compromised by inferior or compromised locks. Strong, high-quality locks on the front and rear doors inspire confidence. Not only when you are absent. It is also when you are relaxing indoors, showering, or sleeping. Door locks are the final line of defense against burglars and unauthorized intruders. In the United States, home invasions are common, and it is not always a complete stranger who breaks in. Unauthorized entry may originate from a known source. This could be a former tenant, a former roommate, or even a separated partner. Prevention of unauthorized entry is the initial step in a proactive approach to home security. The most effective security systems employ a layered strategy that integrates multiple devices. Excellent exterior lighting and visibility are two examples. Motion-activated sensors are an additional effective security measure. However, nothing surpasses the value of high-quality locks with the proper keys and access control.

When to Change Out Door Locks

There are numerous instances in which you may not have total control over your locks. These could have occurred prior to your initial home ownership or during your absence. Regardless of the cause of compromised locks, there are options for recovering access control. Knowing when to replace your locks will also provide you with a sense of security. How often should locks be replaced? Depending on the circumstances, let’s examine the top reasons for replacing door locks. Then, we will examine the most effective solutions, including some of the most popular lock products and services.

1. You have moved into a new residence and acquired the existing locks.

Even if your home is brand-new and the builder gives you keys for the front and back door locks, you have no way of knowing whether or not others have duplicate keys. This may also encompass master keys. Numerous builders utilize construction locks that are industry-standard. They recycle these utility locks from house to house during the construction process. Their subcontractors and suppliers are provided with service keys for the construction locks, which facilitates daily building access. At the conclusion of the project, a competent builder will replace the construction locks with homeowner-only locks, but you have no way of knowing who else may have keys. Realtor lockboxes are frequently attached to for-sale homes. This includes both new homes in communities under construction and existing homes in established neighborhoods. A key to the residence’s front door is concealed within the lock box, but it is widely accessible. In addition, you have no way of knowing whether this key was exclusive or widely duplicated. Purchasing a home from the current owner carries its own security risks. You may receive “the keys” after the sale closes and use them to move in. However, you have no assurance that these keys were not only duplicated by the previous owner, but also by others in the chain of ownership. This includes family members, guests, and if the home was rented, tenants. When purchasing a new home, do not assume that the locks provide adequate security. It is inexpensive and valuable insurance to replace door locks, and you will be able to sleep and shower in peace.

2. Your house has been broken into.

Break-ins are a terrible violation of one’s privacy. They can be emotionally distressing, let alone financially costly. When a break-in has occurred, you must assume the worst. The worst-case scenario is that the perpetrators now possess and control your keys and locks. Even if you have a tight inventory and believe that all keys are accounted for, you shouldn’t take the risk. There is no assurance that your keys are not in the wrong hands. Replacing your locks is a small price to pay to reduce the likelihood that they will return to steal your other possessions. Numerous break-ins are committed by manipulating, picking, or otherwise deceiving the locks. If this was the method of entry in your burglary, it indicates that your locks are substandard and that the break-in could be easily repeated. Additionally, locks are damaged during break-ins, making them more susceptible to future forced entries. Consider insurance matters after experiencing a break-in. If your keys are stolen and the intruder returns, your insurance company may determine that you failed to take reasonable precautions for prevention. This could invalidate a future insurance claim that could have been avoided by installing new door locks.

3. Your locks are worn out and old

Locks wear out. Locks experience normal wear and tear, as do all products with moving parts. The repeated turning and twisting of door locks over many years will eventually cause them to break. Examine your hair for traces of tension. This may be rust or corrosion. They may be extremely rigid or very flexible. Your locks may be on the verge of failure and be about to give up without warning. Locks that are old and worn are simple to pick. This is a fact that is exploited by burglars. New locks are difficult to pick, making them impossible to open without the correct key. There is a saying that locks are for honest people, but the real key to home security is to allow honest people in while excluding dishonest ones.

Door Lock Replacement Solutions

Rekeying or replacing door locks are the most straightforward solutions to your security issues. There are pros and cons to both approaches, and each incurs some expense. The process of rekeying locks is straightforward but requires the expertise of a professional locksmith. This goes beyond taking your lock and key to a local hardware store or big-box retailer to be copied or cut. A locksmith removes the lock cylinder and modifies the springs and pins to accommodate a new key profile during rekeying. These components are frequently worn and must be replaced. This can increase the price beyond that of an entire lock replacement. Typically, replacing your door locks is the best solution. It offers the durability of a brand-new item and the assurance that its quality can withstand anything a burglar can throw at it. Purchasing new locks fits in with redecorating schemes and gives your front door a bright, new appearance to visitors. Compared to rekeying, replacing locks will provide the best value for your money. If you plan to replace your door locks for any of these reasons, you should strongly consider installing a new keyless entry system, such as a Smart Lock. Smart locks provide sophisticated alternatives to obsolete locks. They make use of virtual keys. Numerous advantages include keyless entry, enhanced security, remote locking capability, timed automatic locking, and the ability to generate one-time access codes for temporary guests. YH Lock & Security is the lock installation expert in Las Vegas. We carry a variety of high-tech products and can recommend the most suitable system for your residence. YH Lock & Security is pleased to provide residential and commercial services to some of the most prestigious addresses in Las Vegas. We make house calls to rekey or replace your existing locks, as well as provide emergency service for lockouts. YH Lock & Security 6445 W Sunset Rd Unit #168 Las Vegas, NV 89118

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